The Water Pledge

Water is life and I pledge to consume it judiciously and scrupulously. I will not waste or make misuse of it. I will safeguard natural streams, reservoirs, canals and overall water infrastructure. I will strictly abide by the laws and regulations for water. I will try to conserve and save water. Keeping the water clean & uncontaminated is my social commitment and I will always honour it.

Work Done By Neeraja Foundation ​

Our Recent Work By Neeraja Foundation

Watch our video - Removable Bandhara Bendshil, Badlapur

A short and crisp description of the recent work completed by Neeraja.

For the last at least 25 years, we have been saving water as much as possible and motivating others to do the same. Good luck with this important work.
Girish C. Rajadhyaksha
Great , would love to associate and work let’s talk on it
Vasant Vartak
The desire to do good for others, the hard work, and the time of difficulties, Achieving the objective, by making the right changes. There is so much to learn.
Mahesh Dandekar

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